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October 9th, 2012 No comments

After a painful week and a half without service (due to some dark and evil DNS-related stuff, and even more obscure nightmare-inducing billing adventures), this site has successfully migrated to a new server. This new host seems much nicer than the old one, so I’m pretty happy now. Expect more posts from now on.

Best regards from ISMIR, Porto.

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The Mission

August 7th, 2010 No comments

I’m moving out. I switch coasts. So I wanted to go to The Mission District one last time, my favorite part of one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever been to. I’m gonna miss San Francisco so much, and especially this district originally founded by the priest Francisco Palóu in 1776. Its colors, its buildings, its food, its people. And also its weather (no seasons at all, compared to the snow I’m gonna suffer in NY in the winter).


Good bye San Francisco.

[flickrset id=”72157624551117313″ thumbnail=”square”]

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Cop de Cap – Headbang Orchestra, live at Stanford

June 11th, 2010 2 comments

Conducted by thrash music director Charlie Forkish, the Headbang Orchestra proudly presents the first concerto ever written to be played by headbangers. Performed by Experimetal, an ensemble of 15 highly qualified bangers featuring noize soloists extraordinaire, Uri Nieto and Adam Somers, Cop de Cap is the Ultimate Metal Experiment Odessy that will make your heads want to bang. The libretto is about a young man that couldn’t find love until the day he found it.

Performed as part of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra Spring Concert in the Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University. June 2, 2010

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iPad is Here!

January 27th, 2010 2 comments

I think Apple did it again. Here it is the New Big Thing, it’s called iPad and I already want one:

I’m following the Talk live here.

Thanks GDGT!

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NAMM 10′

January 25th, 2010 3 comments

Last weekend the NAMM Show 10′ took place like every year in Anaheim, L.A., but this year I was invited to go and I must say that being there has been such an amazing experience.

First of all, I got invited to the NAMM thanks to Joachim Ganseman, a visitor PhD student at CCRMA that managed to get invitations for all Master Students at this department.

It was my first time in L.A., and this city is *huge*. We had to cross most part of it in order to get into the Anaheim Convention Center (where NAMM takes place), and it took us like 2 hours to do that. And this Convention Center turned out to be so big and so crowded that even the cellphone network was constantly going down.

Hundreds of expositors (around 1,500) were there, and every single music related brand was there. Roland, Universal Audio, Mesa/Boogie, Ibanez, Tama, Dw, VicFirth, Elixir Strings, Boss, Fender, Marshall, Ernie Ball, Shure, Dean Markley, Mackie, ESP, ENGL, etc, etc, etc. Basically everything. You get the idea.

We could see from the latest audio processing card with crazy high-speed DSP stuff to the latest Steve Vai guitar being held by an amazing statue of Steve Vai himself. From metal heads to DJ audio technology guys. From Melissa Cross to Joe Satriani. From Vinnie Paul to Slash.

I got to talk to Melissa Cross and told her about my Growl Hero project. She was really interested! I also talked to Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater about it, and he replied an email and he apparently is willing to do some work with the iPhone Stanford Orchestra!

Some other achievements: Signs from Slash (Guns’n’Roses), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Andy Timmons, Chris Broderick (Megadeth), Tony MacAlpine (Planet X), John Myung (Dream Theater), John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Steve Lukather (Toto).

Here some pictures, but you can check my Flickr Album to see all of them!








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Earthquakes in the SF Bay Area

January 8th, 2010 No comments

Yesterday was the first time in my life I felt an Earthquake. Today it’s been the second time. Two small Earthquakes in Milpitas, CA in two consecutive days (4.1 and 3.8 magnitudes respectively). Yesterday I was in class when it happened, today I was in my bedroom. In both cases I could feel the building shake as if it were made out of paper.

People here are used to Earthquakes. But now they’ve started talking about The Big One Coming. There is one Big Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area every 100 years. The last one destroyed the city as you can see in this picture:


And this was in 1906.

So yeah, the Big One may come soon.

Oh man…

Mama popo caca…

PD: A 4.2 Earthquake is relatively small, but it still can do a lot of damage: Read what happened in Italy recently

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Uri Nieto at CCRMA

December 24th, 2009 No comments

I have uploaded a nice 2.0 web page about my projects and work at CCRMA. Take a look here!


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El Acertijo de los Isleños de Ojos Azules

November 29th, 2009 14 comments

Hace poco me contaron el mejor acertijo que haya escuchado nunca: El Acertijo de los isleños de Ojos Azules. Este acertijo usa la lógica pura de las matemáticas, el resultado es precioso y me produce un cierto gustillo cada vez que pienso en él. Ya que no he encontrado ninguna web en castellano que lo formule, lo voy a traducir (libremente) aquí.

Una tribu peculiar vive en una isla alejada de cualquier otra civilización. La tribu consiste en 1000 personas, con distintos colores de ojos. Aún así, su religión les prohíbe saber cual es su propio color de ojos, o incluso hablar sobre ello entre ellos. Así pues, cada isleño puede (y debe) mirar el color de los ojos de todos los otros isleños, pero no hay manera de descubrir su propio color (no hay superficies reflectantes en toda la isla). Si un isleño descubre su propio color de ojos, entonces su religión le obliga a hacer un ritual suicida al mediodía del día siguiente, en la plaza principal del pueblecito de la tribu, para que todos los demás lo puedan presenciar. Todos los isleños tienen una manera de pensar extremadamente lógica, y cada uno de ellos sabe que los demás son tan lógicos y devotos como ellos (y todos saben que todos saben que cada uno es extremadamete lógico y devoto, etc).

Para los propósitos de este acertijo, “extremadamente lógico” significa que cualquier conclusión que pueda ser deducida con lógica extraída de cualquier información y/u observación disponible para un isleño, entonces ésta será sabida automáticamente por ese isleño.

De los 1000 isleños, resulta que hay 100 de ellos con los ojos azules y 900 con los ojos marrones, aunque los isleños no son conscientes de estas estadísticas inicialmente (es obvio que cada uno de ellos solamente puede ver 999 de los 1000 isleños).

Un buen día, un forastero con los ojos azules visita la isla y se gana la plena confianza de la tribu.

Una tarde, se dirige a toda la tribu entera para agradecerles su hospitalidad.

No obstante, sin ser conocedor de sus curiosas costumbres religiosas, el forastero comete el grave error de mencionar su propio color de ojos, diciendo “qué inusual es ver otra persona con los ojos azules como yo en esta región del mundo!”

¿Qué efecto -si hay alguno- tiene este “error” en los isleños?

Ahora os dejo pensar.
Creo es un problema bastante difícil, y yo necesité varias pistas para poderlo resolver. Aún así, vale la pena el esfuerzo.

Os dejo una foto para que os entre la inspiración.


¿Pistas? Seguid leyendo.

Qué pasaría si hay 1 sólo hombre en la tribu, viene el forastero, y dice la misma frase: “qué inusual es ver otra persona con los ojos azules como yo en esta región del mundo!”. ¿Qué le pasaría a este hombre?

Otra pista, seguid leyendo.

¿Y qué pasaría si en lugar de 1 hombre, hubieran 2 y los dos tuvieran los ojos azules y viene el forastero y dice la misma frase?

Y ahora sí, voy a explicar la solución.

El argumento inicial de “no pasa nada”, es erróneo. La información que suelta el forastero generará un desequilibrio en la isla.

Como he dicho en las pistas, si hay un sólo isleño (caso base), y el forastero le dice La Frase, entonces él tendrá que matarse al día siguiente al mediodía, pues es el único que puede tener los ojos azules. Si hay dos con los ojos azules, entonces, al saber los dos que el otro tiene los ojos igual que el forastero, se esperaran a que se mate el otro al día siguiente (i.e. los dos piensan “qué bien, a menos que yo tenga los ojos azules, yo no me voy a matar, pues es el otro isleño el que tiene los ojos azules igual que el forastero!”). Al ver que nadie se mata al día siguiente, y al ser personas tan lógicas, deducen que los dos deben de tener los ojos azules y se matarán al cabo de 2 días.

Si repetimos el proceso hasta 100 (por recursividad), veremos que al final se mataran todos juntos cuando hayan pasado 100 días. Todos los isleños con los ojos azules, pensarán el primer día: “qué bien, a menos que yo tenga los ojos azules, yo no me voy a matar, pues aquí hay 99 isleños con los ojos azules igual que el forastero”. Así se esperaran todos los 99 días y al ver que el día 99 no se ha matado nadie, el día 100 se suicidarán. Por otra parte los isleños de ojos marrones, pensarán: “qué bien, a menos que yo tenga los ojos azules, yo no me voy a matar, pues aquí hay 100 isleños con los ojos azules igual que el forastero”, así que se esperaran todos los 100 días y, al ver que el día 100, los 100 isleños con los ojos azules se matan, entonces los de los ojos marrones podrán seguir viviendo tranquilamente sin saber cual es el color de sus ojos.

Es básicamente un claro problema de recursividad (o inducción, pero mi condición de informático hace que me guste más usar la palabra recursividad), y creo que si me lo hubieran enseñado en la facultad me hubiera ayudado mucho a comprender cómo funciona este método de resolución de algoritmos.

Ahhh, me encantan estas mierdas…

Hurgando un poco he visto que es un acertijo de Terence Tao un jovencísimo doctor en matemáticas, Profesor de la universidad de Los Angeles.

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Noam Chomsky at Stanford

October 5th, 2009 2 comments

Today, Noam Chomsky has given a short talk at Stanford. I simply couldn’t believe that Chomsky was on campus. Moreover, I knew this just 2 hours before the talk. No mails on the official graduate student mailing list, no posters on campus, no people talking about it, nothing.

When I walked into the plaza where he was supposed to give the speech, I couldn’t believe that such a few people had come to see this legendary man. It was 5:30pm, it was getting chilly, it was kind of windy, and the sun was going down. So yeah, the weather didn’t help either.

However, more people were coming, so in the end I think around 200 people gathered there. But still, this campus has thousands of students and thousands of faculty members.

Then my friends told me why this was such a secret event: This talk was organized by the Stanford says no to war movement and what they want is to kick out Condoleeza Rice from her place at Stanford University. She is now a Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow, by courtesy of the Hoover Institution at Stanford. I didn’t even know Rice was here at Stanford. And… well, of course I was happy an event like that was held but at the same sad because of the few people we were there.


Some Professors and Graduate Students gave short speeches before Chomsky’s turn. Eighty years old, raspy voice, but with an amazing presence up there in the (small) stage. He gave a 10minute speech and I enjoyed every piece of it. This guy is a genius. We owe him so much. Among other things he strongly criticized the Nüremberg Tribunals, and he subliminally suggested a way to end up with this economic crisis. Enjoy: (

Thanks for organizing this.
Thanks Chomsky for helping us out in this strange and curious world and species.

Oh, and Condi, as fas as I know what you’ve been doing so far, I’d be really happy if you leave this campus asap…
Accountability now.

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American Football

September 26th, 2009 No comments

First time to an American Football game. I didn’t understand much, but people seemed to have fun. It was Stanford vs San Jose and it was full of Stanford students. However, there were brave guys like this:


Obviously, San Jose is the Spartan and Stanford is the tree (yes, the tree is our mascot. Quite lame).

Before the game, the Stanford Anthem was played (I think it was the Stanford anthem, I don’t know, anyway, I couldn’t hear much):

The game started and the Stanford team did a homerun. Or whatever it’s called. Everybody went crazy. I didn’t understand much. Stanford was 14 and San Jose 0. I asked one guy if San Jose is very bad, or if Stanford is really good, and he told me both were quite bad.

Here you can see the beginning of the game. The end of the video is Alright.

People went crazy everytime Stanford scored. Everybody was wearing the red shirt of Stanford. I didn’t understand much.

In the end I decided to have a beer somewhere and leave the stadium in the middle of the game. However, I think I’ll come back someday, when the Stanford vs Berkeley game takes place. Or maybe I’ll have a beer somewhere else.

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