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John Frum

May 25th, 2012 5 comments

One of the contemporary religions that fascinates me the most is the Cargo Cult. I wasn’t aware of this practice until I read it in the chapter of The Origins of Religion in The God Delusion. And it goes like this.

Back in World War II, when americans strategically camped in various islands in the South Pacific, natives of these islands got in touch with the white men for the first time. These natives saw the white men technology: radios, vehicles, guns, clothes; and they realized that all of this equipment materialized every few weeks in the form of cargos. It was not that the white men were building their own technology, but rather acquiring it from a cargo plane or truck. White men, in the eyes of the natives, were summoning the cargos by thoroughly reading papers, talking to radios, or writing letters; pointless things to the natives unless they were a form of adoration to a higher entity: The Cargo.

This new religion started off in these remote islands based on the idea that cargo will arrive someday. There are two main variants of their belief (à la Christian Schism): some think that cargo will mark the day of the apocalypse, others anticipate that the cargo will provide eternal piece and happiness. In any case, the religious totems that the cargoans assemble have the shape of planes, radio stations, trucks, and weapons… made of wood.

Legend tells of a mighty Lord of Cargo called John Frum who once payed a visit to the natives back during WWII. Supposedly, John –if he ever lived at all– was a white american soldier who was exceptionally kind to the natives, thereby his figure remains on their religious folklore. Some natives claim to speak to John on their wooden radios. Some think that on February 15th (of a non specified year), John Frum will return to their islands as part of the prophecy. John himself told them that over the mock-up radios. That is why every year, on February 15th, a parade goes on in Tanna, as an offering to the beloved John Frum.

This all captivates me, and makes me wonder about our limited monkey brains. How fast can a new belief spread across human beings? What would happen if, for any reason (e.g. nuclear), all humans would die except for the followers of the cargo cult? Leaving time frames aside, what are the differences between John Frum and Jesus? Is joining the American Army the closest way of becoming a God nowadays?

I will end this post with a quote by Arthur C. Clarke, pulled out from his popular three laws:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Jesus Christ

November 2nd, 2009 1 comment

This is the Jesus Venn Diagram (or how Jesus relates to some other interesting characters):


Flying Spaghetti Monster, I shall take this chance to salute Thee.

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May 17th, 2007 3 comments

Hoy me ha hablado Dios. Delante de la facultad de Empresariales, la lado de la Diagonal. Se me ha acercado un tipo aparentemente normal, bien vestido y con caspa en las cejas, y me ha dicho que era el hombre con la cara más dura del mundo. Y que era un enviado. Dios lo salvó de la muerte, de las enfermedades y de muchos problemas más. Me ha explicado que su familia lo decapitó hace 30 años. Y hoy me ha elegido a mí para que me dé cuenta de la importancia de leer la Biblia cada día.

Le he preguntado si conocía el Pastafarismo, y le he explicado, muy amablemente, que ésa es mi religión. Él no tenía ni idea sobre esta vertiente del diseño inteligente, y le he iniciado a ella. O eso es lo que pretendía hacer.

Antes de llegar al punto de explicarle que en realidad quien nos creó fue un Enorme Monstruo en Forma de Espaguetis, con Albóndigas Gigantes como Mofletes, él ya me había interrumpido un par de veces. No me escuchaba. Así que le he pedido que por favor, ya que no me quería escuchar, buscase información sobre el Pastafarismo, pues yo ya llegaba tarde al trabajo.

Entonces me ha dicho que me sienta afortunado. Que abrace a la gente. Que ame. Que abrace a mi madre y a mi novia. A mis amigos. Que no me enfade. Y que esta conversación había sido la más importante de Europa. Que yo también era un elegido. Luego se ha corregido a sí mismo pues ha afirmado que esta conversación había sido la más importante del mundo. Me ha dicho que sólo Dios nos ha escuchado. Pero que sus palabras venían de la voz de Dios. Y que Nos veremos en el Cielo en 100 años.

Si, y sólo si, esta noche leo la Biblia durante 5-10 minutos.

Larga vida a FSM.

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