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Upload Videos to YouTube with iPhone custom App

October 15th, 2010 49 comments

EDIT: This is an old post, and apparently things have changed quite a bit. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to update this and I’m not sure what the process to upload videos to YouTube is anymore.

With the 4.0 iOS and its new AVCaptureSession we now have access to video data, so that developers can edit this info and create cool apps such as SketchWiz, Predator Vision or iRetroscope.

However it’s not clear how these videos can be shared through the net. So in this post I’ll explain how we can upload videos to YouTube with a custom app and provide some sample code to test it.

We will need the Google Data API Client for Objective-C, and install it into our application. Here are the steps to do so:

– Download the GData Client for Objective-C from here
– Open the GData project with XCode
– Drag and drop the group GData Source from the GData project into your project (reference it or copy it into your project directory, up to you)
– Optional: In your project delete all groups inside GData Source but YouTube and Commons. This will make the compilation process much faster. You will have to comment the imports in your GData.h
– Add the Security.framework into your frameworks
– In the properties of your target, add the -ObjC to your Other Linker Flags setting
– In the properties of your target, add the /usr/include/libxml2 path to your Header Search Path setting
– Make sure your C Language Dialect is c99 in your target properties

You should now be able to compile the API within your own app.

Next step is to go here to get a Developer Key from Google. Your Developer Key and Client ID are required in order to use the GData API.

Once you have them, take a look at the simple YouTube upload test sample code based on the Mac OSX Example inside the GData Client Objective-C code and add them there in the YouTubeTestViewController.m.

Sample Code

For more information and other type of installations for the API, please read the API documentation.

I hope it helps. Any feedback is welcome as always.

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50 Dólares

December 26th, 2007 No comments

Ya he sobrepasado el umbral de los 50$ con los Adsense de este blog. Google pronto me enviará una carta a casa confirmando los datos del pago. Gracias a todos.

Dinero gratis!!!
Birra gratis!!!


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SGAE, los primeros ladrones en Google

February 28th, 2007 1 comment

Otra vez, SGAE vuelve a ser la primera entrada del gran buscador Google cuando buscamos ladrones.

Google retiró la entrada hace meses por el Google bombing de los usuarios. Pero los usuarios, al ver que la entrada había desaparecido, realizaron la campaña de enlazar a la web de SGAE con la url (en lugar de y el algoritmo de búsqueda de Google ha vuelto a poner la entrada en la primera posición. A ver qué dice SGAE de todo esto.

Por cierto, yo también me uno a la campaña: SGAE = ladrones.

ACTUALIZACIÓN 2-III-07: Google ha vuelto a censurar lo que la gente dice sobre SGAE, y la página ha vuelto a desaparecer de la búsqueda de ladrones. Ya hay alternativas:

- Ladrones

- Ladrones

- Ladrones

- Ladrones

- Ladrones

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