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Playing with The New Raemon in NYC

March 18th, 2015 No comments

Hi there titans. As the new Doctoriol, I will share the stage with the The New Raemon, The Greatest, next Saturday March 28th. Looking forward to seeing you there titanics!

Please, purchase your tickets here.



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La Bossa d’Urina – World Tour 2015

January 6th, 2015 No comments

This weekend. Coming this winter: two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hits, and they ran as fast as they could from giant cat monsters and then a giant tornado came and that’s when things got knocked into 12th gear. A Mexican armada shows up with weapons made from tomatoes. And you better bet your bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business. In: LA BOSSA D’URINA TOT ENS SEMBLA UNA PUTA MERDA WORLD TOUR 2015.

Playing in Terrassa on Friday 9th of January and in Granollers on Saturday 10th of January. More info on the posters below. IT’S TWO BROTHERS.



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The Thin Bag Of Urine World Tour 2014

May 11th, 2014 No comments

One more year. The World Tour across my hometown has arrived. Thinner. More Bags. More Urine. Don’t miss it.

Please, take a look at these glorious HD posters.

Terrassa, on Thursday May 15:


Granollers, on Saturday May 17:


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Thin Bag of Urine Tour 2013

December 16th, 2012 No comments

Gira mundial de TBU pel Vallès Oriental i el Barcelonès. Divendres 11 de Gener al Speed Bar de Gràcia, Barcelona, i el Dissabte 12 de Gener a La Troca, Granollers.

Aquí teniu els cartells. Us hi esperem titans! És Gratis!

Barcelona, Divendres 11 de Gener:

Granollers, Dissabte 12 de Gener:

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The Thin Bag Of Urine – Catalan World Tour 2012

December 16th, 2011 5 comments

EDIT: El divendres 13 toquem a GRANOLLERS (no el dissabte 14)!.

So, now that I’m going to Barcelona for a few weeks, I’ll play a long tour of 2 or 3 nights covering most of the earth’s surface, especially a small region of catalonia.

Serà increïble. Serà gratuït. Tocaré amb en Daniel Bolsa Madrid i amb en Marc Prim Garcia. Hem estat nomenats el grup revelació del 2011. El Bolsa és amish. Serà interactiu.

El dijous 12 de Gener a Barcelona, al Bar Macondo a les 21:30h. Aquí teniu el cartell:

I el concert final de gira, celebrant tantes hores de ruta, serà a Granollers, el divendres 13 de Gener, a les 22h, a l’esquerda:

Veniu, que hi haurà huevada! Tinc ganes titans!

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Catalan World Tour 2011

March 5th, 2011 2 comments

This is an anouncement for a couple of concerts I’m gonna play in Barcelona in March. So, the rest of the post will be in Catalan, oh beloved thousands of fans over the world.

El Bolsa i jo farem una gira mundial per la província de Barcelona a mitjans de Març. Celebrem que, després de que un és pare, i l’altre es passa el dia menjant hamburgueses americanes, seguim vius. Uri Nieto + El Bolsa Catalan World Tour 2011.

El dijous 17 de Març toquem al Bar Veider, que està a Barcelona, exactament aquí (Travessera de Gràcia, 276). Començarem a les 21:30h i serà Gratuït. Aquí el cartell:

El dissabte 19 de Març toquem a l’Esquerda, que està a Granollers, exactament aquí (Av. Prat de la Riba, 31). Començarem a les 22:30h i serà Gratuït. Aquí el cartell:

Heu de venir per favor.

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Tool in San Francisco

July 23rd, 2010 1 comment

Tool in the states are huge. Watching a Tool concert in San Francisco is one of the greatest musical/physical/psychotropic experiences I’ve ever had. The venue was beautiful (Bill Graham Auditorium), located in the Civic Center Plaza next to the City Hall, and the stage was extremely big. And of course it was sold out. That was last week, July 12th.

Five “faces” where watching us all during all the concert. The evolution of a man’s life. Nothing -> Baby -> Man -> Old Man -> 7 stars face that I’ve no idea what it means but it looks extremely cool.


Also my sister came all the way from Barcelona and it made the concert even better (if possible).

The Four Guys played the best set list ever:

1.- Third Eye (with Timothy Leary intro, like in Salival)
2.- Jambi
3.- Stinkfist
4.- Guitar and Bass olla
5.- Vicarious
6.- Eon Blue Apocalypse
7.- The Patient
8.- Intolerance
9.- Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
10.- Schism
11.- Forty Six & 2
12.- Lateralus
13.- Ænima

And here some more (shitty iPhone) pictures.

[flickrset id=”72157624361987021″ thumbnail=”square”]

My only concern is I didn’t have any beer because they cost $11 each (!!)

Anyway… Damn it, I love this band.

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Dream Theater After Show

June 22nd, 2010 No comments

On Sunday I went to Concord, CA, to see Dream Theater and Iron Maiden. But the best thing was, Jordan Rudess gave me two aftershow passes and I got to meet the band! These guys are great, I talked to them, they signed my Dream Theater CD collection, we passed through Iron Maiden crazy “army” of trailers, and we took some pics of everything.


Unfortunately we didn’t see drugs or sex (and few rock’n’roll, actually it was more like prog-metal), and we couldn’t meet the guys from Iron Maiden either.

Anyway, it was a great night. Thanks Jordan for the passes! Best of luck for the rest of the tour and for the amazing MorphWiz!


[flickrset id=”72157624326154320″ thumbnail=”square”]

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Pablo Gilberto

May 10th, 2007 No comments

El martes pasado, 8 de Mayo, mientras cogía mi querida RENFE, ojeé un 20 minutos para meterme un poco de mentiras por la vena. Y entonces lo vi: Imperdibles, Paul Gilbert en Apolo a las 21h.

¡¿Qué?! ¿Paul Gilbert en Barcelona y yo sin saberlo? OMFSM!!!!

Así que, evidentemente, fui. Y se me cayeron las pelotas al suelo. No sólo por su técnica, no sólo por su entusiasmo, no sólo por cómo hablaba con su guitarra, no sólo por su pedazo de bajista, su pedazo de batería y su pedazo de teclista. No. Era La Sensación. La sensación que te produce cuando ves a alguien que está haciendo lo que más le gusta en la vida, disfrutando al máximo. Sin falsedades ni hipocresías, sólo música, sintiendo cada nota y cada sonido que entra y se expande por tu interior como cuando el corazón bombea tu sangre hacia todos los puntos de tu cuerpo.

Espectacular. Piel de gallina. Felicidad. Virtuosismo. Rock’n’Roll.

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November 14th, 2006 1 comment

Pata negra:


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