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Human love

December 24th, 2007 1 comment

Let us welcome ourselves to this important enquiry. All of you have traveled a long and sometimes painful journey to reach such a point of investigation. Some of you perhaps come here today for religious truths, enlightenment, or self satisfying spiritual egoisms; like all those choices of crystals and magical non-senses you can buy at any so-called spiritual supermarket. If you’re here for the buffoonery, the sport, the entertainment of a new age, you are in a sick and diseased affair of your humanity. A prison, neurotic, repetitive, drizzly condition. (…) We have to study the problem of human love. To question: what do we mean to love? With all moralistic traditions and religious impregments. Love in a technologically advanced condition serves only to feed our miserable sufferings. To love is to despise. We love our Gods, Buddhas, Gurus as we separate and compare. Compare with others in conflict. So, when we love in this way it is to conquer others. Conquer with war. Genetic wars. Well biological wars. Wars that cause sufferings. Sufferings in children. Creating various forms of infections. Fungal or otherwise horror. We commit to marriage for the sake of this condition: love. You say “what a beautiful, extraordinary being”. Our parents, our husband, wives, lovers, etcetera, etcetera. At first young, full of genetic, biological yearnings, transformed into pleasure, lust. The primitive call of our reproductive possession has become, by influence of culture, a so-called knowledge, ego, love. Ask yourself: would you still love your wive if she has become victim of serious afflictions that could affect her beautiful and extraordinary body? This sport of love, this entertainment of love, is fear. Fear of dying. Dying alone in the sewers where only the rats spend with you your last hours eating you away as you pass on.

I did my best to transcribe this amazing speech, but his strange accent and my lack of english vocabulary made me skip some words. If you understood it better or you spot some errors, please let me know.

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