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iPad is Here!

January 27th, 2010 2 comments

I think Apple did it again. Here it is the New Big Thing, it’s called iPad and I already want one:

I’m following the Talk live here.

Thanks GDGT!

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NAMM 10′

January 25th, 2010 3 comments

Last weekend the NAMM Show 10′ took place like every year in Anaheim, L.A., but this year I was invited to go and I must say that being there has been such an amazing experience.

First of all, I got invited to the NAMM thanks to Joachim Ganseman, a visitor PhD student at CCRMA that managed to get invitations for all Master Students at this department.

It was my first time in L.A., and this city is *huge*. We had to cross most part of it in order to get into the Anaheim Convention Center (where NAMM takes place), and it took us like 2 hours to do that. And this Convention Center turned out to be so big and so crowded that even the cellphone network was constantly going down.

Hundreds of expositors (around 1,500) were there, and every single music related brand was there. Roland, Universal Audio, Mesa/Boogie, Ibanez, Tama, Dw, VicFirth, Elixir Strings, Boss, Fender, Marshall, Ernie Ball, Shure, Dean Markley, Mackie, ESP, ENGL, etc, etc, etc. Basically everything. You get the idea.

We could see from the latest audio processing card with crazy high-speed DSP stuff to the latest Steve Vai guitar being held by an amazing statue of Steve Vai himself. From metal heads to DJ audio technology guys. From Melissa Cross to Joe Satriani. From Vinnie Paul to Slash.

I got to talk to Melissa Cross and told her about my Growl Hero project. She was really interested! I also talked to Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater about it, and he replied an email and he apparently is willing to do some work with the iPhone Stanford Orchestra!

Some other achievements: Signs from Slash (Guns’n’Roses), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Andy Timmons, Chris Broderick (Megadeth), Tony MacAlpine (Planet X), John Myung (Dream Theater), John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Steve Lukather (Toto).

Here some pictures, but you can check my Flickr Album to see all of them!








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iPhone Apps for iPhone Programming Course at Stanford

January 13th, 2010 No comments

This quarter I signed up for the course Mobile Music, taught by Professor Ge Wang. It is a course to write music code for Mobile devices, mostly focused on the iPhone.

Yesterday was due the first assignment which was writing three small music apps for the iPhone. I must say that the library created initially for Smule and later modified for the MoPho (Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra) is extremely amazing.

Check out my small apps here. Enjoy titans!

Apps Icons

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January 11th, 2010 No comments

Recently I added some Google AdSense to this blog (

And today I saw this amazing ad that I simply had to blog:


Oh man, I love my name.

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A Computer Scientist’s View of Life, the Universe, and Everything

January 9th, 2010 No comments

With this great title (A Computer Scientist’s View of Life, the Universe, and Everything), Jürgen Schmidhuber presents a fascinating scientific paper that tries to find an answer to the question “Is the universe computable?

You can find the paper here.


And here there are some great quotes:

The Great Programmer does not worry about computation time. Nobody presses Him. Creatures which evolve in any of the universes don’t have to worry either. They run on local time and have no idea of how many instructions it takes the Big Computer to compute one of their time steps, or how many instructions it spends on all the other creatures in parallel universes.

Possible limitations of the Great Programmer. He does not need not be very smart. For instance, in some of His universes phenomena will appear that humans would call life. The Great Programmer won’t have to be able to recognize them.

The Great Programmer reappears. Several of the Great Programmer’s universes will feature another Great Programmer who programs another Big Computer to run all possible universes. Obviously, there are infinite chains of Great Programmers. If our own universe allowed for enough storage, enough time, and fault-free computing, then you could be one of them.

More than 2000 years of European philosophy dealt with the distinction between body and soul. The Great Programmer does not care. The processes that correspond to our brain firing patterns and the sound waves they provoke during discussions about body and soul correspond to computable substrings of our universe’s evolution. Bitstrings representing such talk may evolve in many universes. For instance, sound wave patterns representing no- tions such as body and soul and “consciousness” may be useful in everyday lan- guage of certain inhabitants of those universes. From the view of the Great Pro- grammer, though, such bitstring subpatterns may be entirely irrelevant. There is no need for Him to load them with “meaning”.

Conclusion. By stepping back and adopting the Great Programmer’s point of view, classic problems of philosophy go away.

I really enjoyed reading all of this. However, it’s sad to my religion beliefs not to have found anything related to a Flying Spaghetti Monster on this paper.

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Earthquakes in the SF Bay Area

January 8th, 2010 No comments

Yesterday was the first time in my life I felt an Earthquake. Today it’s been the second time. Two small Earthquakes in Milpitas, CA in two consecutive days (4.1 and 3.8 magnitudes respectively). Yesterday I was in class when it happened, today I was in my bedroom. In both cases I could feel the building shake as if it were made out of paper.

People here are used to Earthquakes. But now they’ve started talking about The Big One Coming. There is one Big Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area every 100 years. The last one destroyed the city as you can see in this picture:


And this was in 1906.

So yeah, the Big One may come soon.

Oh man…

Mama popo caca…

PD: A 4.2 Earthquake is relatively small, but it still can do a lot of damage: Read what happened in Italy recently

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California Sky

January 7th, 2010 No comments

Yesterday the Sky was surreal.




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